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Each system (instrument eoSense + probe eoProbe) has a detailed calibration certificate valid for 2 years.

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제품 정보

상품 기본설명

Each system (instrument eoSense + probe eoProbe) has a detailed calibration certificate valid for 2 years.

상품 상세설명

Applications review

  • Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) assessment
    The Specific Absorption Rate assessment allows to measure the exposition of electric fields on people.
    These measurements are based on standards and must be now performed inside a phantom (European directive).
    The eoProbe can be used in any liquids and complies with this new directive.

  • Medium and high voltage electric components
    The measurement of electric fields in medium or high voltage systems or components allows to analyse defects like partials discharges and aging of components and also exposition of people to electric fields.
    The eoProbe is fully insulated, hence can be used in these specific conditions.

  • Antennas
    The measurement of electric fields in antennas requires near fields measurement with a very wide frequency bandwidth. The measured electric field must contain the amplitude and phase of each component (or axis) of the field vector.
    The eoProbe can measure all the frequencies at once. No need to change

  • Plasma
    It concerns the measurements of very strong electric field (kV/m to MV/m) in order to ionize a gas containing charged particles. 
    The measure of this field must be physically very close (few millimetres or less for cold plasma to tens of centimetres for hot plasmas) and very localized.
    The Kapteos solution is a unique solution and widely validated by extensive testings.

  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging
    The topic is to measure the exposure of people to electromagnetic fields.
    The radio frequencies field analysis is required with a very high spatial resolution.
    The measure must be performed under a magnetic field of 3 or 4.7 Tesla depending on the MRI model.
    The eoProbe can measure these harsh environments without any issues.

  • Electric fields inside liquids
    - Sterilization / decontamination bacteria with cold plasma
    - The fruit juice sterilization by a very large electric field
    - Specific Absorption Rate assessment within a phantom (linked to regulatory standards)
    - The microwave heating of liquids
    - In-situ measurement (inside) of a transformer
    The eoProbe can measure electric fields inside liquids because of its design (specific probe) and where the customer can calibrate himself its system with eoCal (system using the liquid placed in the application).
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