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Press-pack IGBT and diode modules

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Press-pack IGBT and diode modules

상품 상세설명

StakPak is a family of high power insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) press-packs and diodes in an advanced modular housing that guarantees uniform chip pressure in multiple-device stacks.
Although the most common package for IGBTs is the isolated module, for applications requiring series connection, press-packs are preferred because of the ease with which they can be connected electrically and mechanically in series and because of their inherent ability to conduct in the shorted state – an essential feature where redundancy is required.Since IGBTs feature multiple parallel chips, there is a challenge - with conventional press-packs - in assuring uniform pressure on all chips. ABB has solved this problem with a patented spring technology.
The StakPak, optimized for series connection, features a modular concept based on sub-modules fitted in a fiberglass reinforced frame, which allows a flexible realisation of a range of products for different current ratings and IGBT/diode ratios.
For downloading and printing of data sheets in PDF format, click on the part numbers.

STAKPAK 2.5kV, 4.5kV Datasheet
Part Number VCES (V) IC (A) VCESAT (V) typ.125 °C VF (V) typ.125 °C IGBT-to-diode ratio Housing Plecs model
5SNR 10H2501*250010002.71.92.1H
5SNR 13H2501*250013002.71.92.1H
5SNR 20H2501*250020002.71.92.1H
5SNA 1300K450300450013003.42.31.1KXML
5SNA 2000K450300450020003.42.41.1KXML
5SNA 2000K451300450020003.53.02.1KXML
5SNA 3000K452300450030003.653.02.1KXML
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