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Insulated-gate bipolar transistors (IGBT) and diode dies

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Insulated-gate bipolar transistors (IGBT) and diode dies

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ABB Semiconductors’ SPT (Soft Punch Through) chipsets and its improved versions with lower losses (SPT+ and SPT++) are available at 1200 and 1700 volt. They feature highest output power per rated ampere due to a moderate chip shrinkage and thus larger die area.
Typical applications for 1200 volt are power converters for industrial drives, solar energy, battery backup systems (UPS) and electrical vehicles. Applications for 1700 volt include industrial power conversion & drives, wind turbines and traction.
ABB’s newly introduced 1700 V SPT++ chipset is the world’s first 1700 V chipset that offers an operational junction temperature of up to 175 °C. This allows the module designer to increase the power density of power modules significantly.

IGBT 1.2kV, 1.7kV Datasheet
IGBT Part number Datasheet Type Size mm VCES (V) IC (A)
1.2 kV
5SMY 76H1280/5SMY 86H12805SMY 12H1280SPT+9.1 x 9.1120057
5SMY 76J1280/5SMY 86J12805SMY 12J1280SPT+10.2 x 10.2120075
5SMY 76K1280/5SMY 86K12805SMY 12K1280SPT+11.2 x 11.91200100
5SMY 76M1280/5SMY 86M12805SMY 12M1280SPT+13.5 x 13.51200150
1.7 kV
5SMY 86G17215SMY 12G1721SPT+8.6 x 8.6170050
5SMY 86J1721/5SMY 12J17215SMY 12J1721SPT+10.1 x 10.1170075
5SMY 76J1730/5SMY 86J17305SMY 12J1730SPT++10.1 x 10.1170075
5SMY 86K1721/5SMY 12K17215SMY 12K1721SPT+11.4 x 11.41700100
5SMY 76K1730/5SMY 86K17305SMY 12K1730SPT++11.4 x 11.41700100
5SMY 12L17315SMY 12L1731SPT++ 7.4 x 19.91700120
5SMY 86M1721/5SMY 12M17215SMY 12M1721SPT+13.6 x 13.61700150
5SMY 76M1730/5SMY 86M17305SMY 12M1730SPT++13.6 x 13.61700150
5SMY 12M17315SMY 12M1731SPT++13.9 x 14.01700160
Diode 1.2kV, 1.7kV Datasheet
Diode Part number Datasheet Type Size mm VRRM (V) IF (A)
1.2 kV
5SLY 76E1200/5SLY 86E12005SLY 12E1200SPT+6.3 x 6.3120050
5SLY 76F1200/5SLY 86F12005SLY 12F1200SPT+7.4 x 7.4120075
5SLY 76G1200/5SLY 86G12005SLY 12G1200SPT+ 8.4 x 8.41200100
5SLY 76J1200/5SLY 86J12005SLY 12J1200SPT+10 x 101200150
1.7 kV
5SLY 86E17005SLY 12E1700 SPT+6.6 x 6.6170050
5SLZ 76E17005SLZ 12E1700SPT++/ FSA6.6 x 6.6170050
5SLY 86F17005SLY 12F1700SPT+7.7 x 7.7170075
5SLZ 76F17005SLZ 12F1700SPT++/ FSA7.7 x 7.7170075
5SLY 86G17005SLY 12G1700SPT+8.6 x 8.61700100
5SLY 86J1700/5SLY 12J17005SLY 12J1700SPT+10.2 x 10.21700150
5SLZ 86J17005SLZ 12J1700SPT++/ FSA10.2 x 10.21700150
5SLY 86M1700/5SLY 12M17005SLY 12M1700SPT+13.5 x 13.51700300
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