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TCR down to 5ppm

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TCR down to 5ppm

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Resistors are part of electrical circuits that, for example, rectify current produced in alternating voltage, thereby facilitating the most efficient, environmentally friendly and reliable energy transfer possible. Resistors are used again in the eventual conversion of rectified current into usable alternating voltage.
EBG’s resistors regulate voltage, for instance, in power electronics of frequency converters for locomotives or wind turbines as well as in modern medical equipment. Their advantage is a very low temperature and voltage coefficient, a high degree of stability, high-temperature resistance, and very low tolerances

In recent years, we developed new material combinations and processing methods which make it possible to achieve a TCR (thermal coefficient of resistance) of up to +/- 5 ppm while maintaining the minimal VCR (voltage coefficient of resistance) typical for EBG.
This new generation of high-precision and high-stability resistors have already been successfully implemented in the first applications, such as in electricity and power supply units in medical technology.
The next product generations with broader thermal application areas and even higher thermal stability are currently in development.

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  • Series SHP
        - Ultra-stable High-Voltage Resistor, overall stability ±5 ppm/°C from +25 to 65°C (including TCR & VCR)
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